Periscope: How Can Periscope Hearts Serve You And How Can You Get More?

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Do you know what the “hearts” on Periscope mean?

All the social networks that we know of have kind of their own “scoring” system to indicate the reputation or popularity of a user. Followers, likes, feelings, retweets, etc… In Periscope’s case, the favorite live streaming app, by excellence, they count with hearts. You find two similar accounts on Periscope with a similar biography, one with 5 million hearts and the other with few thousand… which one would you click?

The more hearts that an account has the better it will be perceived by other users. Hearts on Periscope are both indicators of popularity and reputation as a synonym of compelling content.

But the big question is… “How do I get my Periscope viewers to give me more hearts?” We got 5 tips that will help you increase the number of hearts on Periscope:


1- Periscope hearts existence and their function:

Periscope is a new app (just barely a year old) so it’s necessary to explain the existence of hearts and its meaning on this social platform:

First of all the “hearts” are given by simply clicking on the screen of your device while viewing any scope.

The results are immediate: Try explaining some of your new viewers what hearts mean and how they can give you hearts and you’ll see hearts raining from the sky.

To get more Periscope hearts is always recommended that you give a brief explanation of what you’re going to be scoping about at the beginning of your broadcast and another short description of your scope before ending.


2- They add value:

The magic formula to get more hearts per scope is very simple: Start providing good and valuable content to your audience. If you’re tutorials are good and you’re always going the extra mile on explaining your viewers everything about your samples, products, services, etc and your scopes become an interest to the public, they reward you with hearts. If you believe that you’re providing a useful content but nobody clicks on that screen nor you see any new hearts then you must be doing something wrong:

  • Maybe you’re not targeting the correct audience for your niche and what for some is attractive, for others it can be boring. Find out who you really want to target and create a strategy to help you get found.
  • Send reminders to your PC viewers about how to download Periscope for iOS or Android terminals and invite your audience to share your Periscope @username so you can reach more and more people.
  • If you recently started using this app and haven’t managed to get thousands of hearts have patience. If you scope good content, the hearts will arrive on their own.


3- Interacts with your viewers

Your viewers should feel special and should be part of your broadcasts. Periscope is a two-way app communication. Its success lies in the interaction between sender and receiver.

These simple tips, will manage to increase the number of hearts you can receive per broadcast:

  • Say hello, and welcome every new user that joins your your broadcast mentioning their @username. We’re sure their going to like that and reward you with dozens of hearts.
  • Answer direct questions with direct answers.
  • Give answers to the greatest possible number of comments. Reads the comment out loud and mention the person who writes. “People always like to be mentioned, remember that”
  • Send a special shout out and appreciate the users who share your broadcast among their followers or their Twitter accounts.
  • Give a special mention to those new users who follow you day after day.


4- Expect nothing if you give nothing

Nobody is going to give you hearts if you contribute absolutely nothing.


5- Be creative

Another good way to gain more organic Periscope hearts is by being creative:

  • Sort a gift of value among users who give you more hearts
  • Offer something in return if the scope reaches a specific number of hearts. Example: put an ebook to download for free if you get 1000 hearts in your scope.
  • Give a BIGGG SHOUTOUT and promote the person who gives you the most hearts.

The number of things you can do is infinite. All you need is a little imagination and know the tastes of your audience.

Do you have any Periscope tips? Why not share them in the comments below and don’t forget to include your Periscope @username.

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