Vine Marketing! Does Vine Have Any Advantages In Marketing?

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Vine Marketing: Vine is the new social micro video platform that many companies and brands are using for marketing.

The 6 seconds micro video app owned by Twitter and better known as Vine is causing great sensation, among internet marketers and many brands including the White House. As a matter of fact there’s already sites where you can buy Vine followers and likes just like Twitter followers and Facebook likes.

But, do you know what are the advantages of Vine in a marketing strategy?

We think that Vine has a lot of advantages if you’re planning to use it for marketing and in this post we will write about 6 reasons you can use Vine to promote your brand.

  1. You can use the app to provide a coverage of breaking news, when you don’t have any other method to communicate with.
  2. Allows you to tell 6 seconds motion stories, something that may stall deeper than, for example, the 140 characters of Twitter.
  3. With Vine you’re able to tell your story in a more visual way.
  4. It is free, easy-to-use, and very intuitive and quick.
  5. It gives you the ability to share your videos on other social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, though, also lets you share the video on your blog or web.
  6. For a brand, is a very useful way of displaying meaningful content to their consumers.

Therefore, seeing all these advantages, you could say that Vine, if a company knows it to use correctly, may enable them to be ahead of their competitors in terms of content marketing, using a special focused video marketing, something that can make your company go viral Vine, and in other social networks, websites and blogs.

Here’s a list with 5 companies who have managed very well the advantages of using Vine for marketing.



Dunkin Donuts:

Walker Crisps:

The White House:


How to use Vine in five easy steps

  1. Download the Vine app to your mobile device, iPod Touch or iPad.
  2. Set up a Vine account using your Twitter profile.
  3. Setup your Facebook account to allow you to share Vine videos.
  4. Use the video camera icon to record videos.
  5. Once you have recorded your video, click Continue to share it on Vine, Twitter and Facebook.

Are you using Vine for Content Marketing? Why not use the comments box and share with us some of your tips? And don’t forget to include your Vine username in the comments box..

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